Facts Of Digital Nomad Life You Always Wanted To Know

Being a digital nomad, the other day I was contemplating on my laptop screen while sitting on a beach in Islands of Koh Phangan, one of the islands in Thailand. I saw this curious guy, in every possibility a tourist from one of the Asian countries, approaching me with all yours question in his eyes,” what are you doing?” More often than not, I dread this question. I dread the influx of stereotypical questions that will follow the first, faultless one!

digital nomad life on a beach in thailand

My previous attempt to answer this question always ended in failed endeavors. However, I take a deep breathe, and try to explain. ” I am a digital nomad. I write travel blogs“.

Invariably came the next remark, “That’s so cool, your life is exciting.” Well I chose this lifestyle and not have much of a complaint. In every honestly, I happen to enjoy my work.

However, I do find it uncomfortable explaining every time the nature of my job. We the digital nomad’s put in real hard work into the work we do. A blog origins from a passion and forcing and very few had moved out of the comfort zone and written something similar.

But this blog post is not about bragging of what I do and how important it is, but just a mere attempt to explain the nature of my work. I am as vulnerable as you all are. I am working harder to attain an unforeseen success only I could dream for myself, in my free little space!

Money Matters

No. Only travel blogging does not help us pay all the bills. Specially for those of us who have sacrificed a 9 to 5 job,and has taken up the hefty task of analyzing, researching, photographing, handwriting of the blog post.

It doesn’t end there, you also have to work to promote your blog on social media. Result? More than often sleep becomes an optional choice.

Being On Road All the Time Is Cool

We do get tired of travelling. Specially when we are on the road for indefinite of time. And then end of the day when we are tired, in desperate need of the comfort of relaxation, we head home.

It Is Easy, It Is Just Writing!

None of the blog post have ever been created without the hard work that we put up to 3 a.m. Obviously, the morning was spent by the tedious hike up or exploring the jungle or maybe we were just sailing by the beach. We have to be adaptive to new technology and a quick learner.

Travel Is Fun

My travels are hardly ever luxurious. They are not what you may tag as escapade, but more of a project, related to work. And the worst part is, they are more often than not, self sponsored!

Unless I am lucky to score a freebie hotel stay, I would most definitely choose a hostel keeping in mind the safety precautions. And freebie does not necessarily mean I promote staff less authentic. More often than not, products that are used or services that I have availed, I personal experiences and I genuinely trust the providers.

That Comment Love of Yours Can Make My Day!

What is the exchange value for all the hard work I put to generate a blog post? It is the thoughtful comment, the engagement that means the world to me. End of the day, this serves as an immense source of inspiration and intrigues me more to work harder and deliver the best and only the best.

Now that I have told you almost every secret of my work expect new to understand the hard work we put into a blog only to give first hand information for fellow travelers.

We’re just another normal human being. We do crave for home, food our mothers make and everything else.

I urge everybody do not ask the obvious questions a digital nomad, instead emphasize. A little appreciation of the blog we wight, works wonder forest!

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