Hotspots For Digital Nomads In India – Footprints Of A Digital Nomad

Hotspots for digital nomads in India are slowly but gradually paving her footprints in the world map. And why not? The country is a diverse miniature of the world in itself. You want to sip a green coconut by the beach and get busy with work? Why not? You want a remote spot atop the highest mountain ranges of the world? Why Not? A bustling metropolis is all you need for PR or the next book launch? Head to Mumbai!

Add to that, cost of living is really low, people are extremely friendly and ready to accommodate an alternative lifestyle. Many quirky cafes and co-working places are starting up to make a space for this entire new work force and policies are supportive too. Internet connectivity is growing rapidly and a diverse economy heads with plethora of resources.

Hotspots For Digital Nomads In India

Find your hotspots for digital nomads in India before the markets tends to get sated!

We have handpicked few of our favorite spots to work remotely while you spend your holiday in India. We stressed on the following factors:
1. Accessibility
2. Local culture (keeping in mind a less ethnic or traditional culture is more expected to adapt with a nomadic lifestyle)
3. Places who are safe for people, keeping in mind a lot of women are joining the nomadic workforce
4. Picturesque location along with political stability (conflict zones are a strict no in this article)

Read on and choose your pick!


A state in India which will make you feel out of everything that is regular Indian. People are amazing and the culture that prevails is distinctive. Food has presence of coconut and sea food. However vegans of the world will not have difficulty finding local fresh produce of choicest food stuff. The state receives heavy tourist footfall and caters to different aspects. Undoubtedly the Goa is one of the most preferred hotspots for digital nomads in India. To add tho that, multiple cafe and co-working places have sprung up in the location. Join one and start the journey!

Himachal Pradesh

Right at the lap of Himalaya, lies the state Himachal Pradesh. Mostly a abode with heavy snow during winter, Himachal houses a smiling ethnic populace famed for hospitality. The state receives tourists eager to trek or pay homage to the multiple Hindu temples. I have seen Britishers opening up cafes and setting up homestays for experimental travelers & leading a vibrant life amid nature.


Down there at the Southern peninsula, stand tall the evergreen and age old forest of Periyar. The nature reserve is a beauty to behold with countless man-made lakes and a small township by the side. The forest houses wildlife like tigers, elephants. The tusker trail is free and fenced beyond which the local habitat starts. Take a short break in one of the ethnic homestays of the most literate state of the country.


Mumbai is a bustling city with endless vibes of life. Visit Mumbai to co-work with like minded people and network for more work. The easy day trip from the metropolis are what I love the most. This way, you can get the best of both the world!


To explore the North East part of India, which is also the most serene, pristine and least explored, you need to set your base in Kolkata. The business hub of Eastern India, the metropolis is the cheapest when it comes to cost of living and has abundance of connectivity with the rest of the region. Set your base in Kolkata and explore the Eastern zones of North east, mangroves of Sundarbans and enchanting Himalaya. Being a metro, you will never run out of internet connectivity either.

This list of hotspots for digital nomads in India has been curated from my personal experiences and updated as per the latest news in the industry! I have friends working in many spot if not me personally for the longest stretch of time.

Hope this helps. Have you explored a place in India you have found apt to start up with your own endeavor? Have you strived and succeeded in finding a place that welcomes people with open arms? Let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

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